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To settle in Monaco

Many people know that the Principality of Monaco is an attractive place.

Whether for taxation, for the thriving real estate sector, for safety or lifestyle, the benefits are innumerable.

However, in order to move to Monaco, you have to follow some rules and satisfy some requirements, which we try to illustrate in a simple way below.

The first requirement is to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources, therefore a stable job in the Principality, either as an employee or as a professional or entrepreneur, or a bank account with sufficient funds that allows you to live without having to work.

Another requirement is to have an adequate accommodation in which to live, owned or rented.

Finally, an extract from the criminal record will be required to prove that you have good moral requirements.

Once these requirements are satisfied, the administrative procedures for obtaining the residency permit are quite rapid.

The principality of Monaco is often known for its privileged taxation, in fact there is no tax on natural persons in the principality, except for French citizens, who will continue to pay taxes in France.

On the other hand, as far as companies are concerned, these companies are exempted from taxes if they produce at least 75% of their turnover in the Principality. Otherwise they will be subjected to a 33% tax on the benefit.

Information given above are given as an indicative manner and do not have any contractual value.

For more information, please visit the Monegasque Government website at the following link:


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